First Dental Visit

Our goal is to keep your child’s teeth healthy while making your child feel comfortable. You can help make the first visit to our office enjoyable and positive. Your child should be informed of the visit and told that the dentist and his/her helpers will explain all procedures and answer any questions.
All instruments will be shown to your child who can touch and experience them on their fingers before your child even opens their mouth. Our staff works together to develop a special relationship with each family so that going to the dentist can be a pleasant experience for both the parent and child.
Our office has been specially designed to create a warm and friendly atmosphere for all of our patients and their parents. We recognize that some children, especially new patients, are more comfortable with a parent present during treatment. Our hygiene and treatment operatories, therefore, have been designed with seating areas for parents to accompany children.
We will thoroughly explain each of our procedures to your child in terms that can be easily understood before the appointment. Radiographs (x-rays) will be taken if necessary to assure a thorough and comprehensive examination. We are very conservative about taking x-rays of children and have selected x-ray equipment which provides maximum safety for our patients.
Following the exam, we will discuss any future treatment needs. We are always available to answer any of your questions about your child’s treatment. When treatment has been completed, you will be scheduled for periodic recall visits (usually every six months). At subsequent recall visits, examinations, cleanings, and fluoride applications will be performed.

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